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The Gift of Healing

This is an extract from The Gift of Healing by Ron Phillips. To buy the book now, click here


Chapter one

Healing and the
Abundant Life

Our Lord Jesus Christ came that believers might
live what He called an “abundant life.”
The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill,
and to destroy. I have come that they may have
life, and that they may have it more abundantly.

—John 10:10

The word abundant translates from a word in the
original Greek that means “a life with no lack which goes
beyond the ordinary.”
The same verse indicates that it is the stated goal of
Satan to kill, steal, and destroy. Those three words paint
a picture of the cause of sickness and disease in our world.
The word steal comes from the Greek word klepsee, from
which we get our word kleptomaniac. Satan’s obsession is
to steal all that we need in our lives, especially our health.
The word kill is not the usual word for kill. It is the
word thusee, which means “to blow on a fire or to blow the
smoke of a sacrifice.” It came to mean “to slaughter” or
“immolate for the purposes of sacrifice.”

Its implication is that Satan will cause diseases to spread like fire so that
your life might be a sacrifice to Satan’s evil intent.
The third word is destroy, translated from the word
apolesee, which means “to break down and destroy.” This
is what sickness does to the human body. It is interesting
that all three of these verbs are in the “aorist tense,” which
means “once and for all.” Satan’s unyielding desire is to
break down people’s health, destroy their purpose, and
finally kill them.

Jesus came and died that we might live a life that is
abundant, that goes beyond what is ordinary. In 3 John 2,
the great apostle John writes:

Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things
and be in health, just as your soul prospers.
Here John blesses his readers by conveying God’s gracious
intent for all believers.

The word health comes from the word hugiaino, from
which our English word hygiene is derived. It means “to be
healthy, well, whole, uncorrupted by disease.” This little
verse will form the basis for this entire study. There are
several keys to understanding healing in Scripture that
are hidden in this verse.

First, the word translated pray is the word euchomai,
which means “to wish one well.” This implies prayer, but it
indicates that those for whom this prayer is released have
some choice in the matter. Our prayers and wishes for
others to be healed also requires right choices by those for
whom we are praying.

Second, the word prosper comes from two Greek words,
eu and hodos, which together mean “good journey.” It came
to mean success from right choices on the journey. This
includes material prosperity and physical health. Again,
healing requires right belief and right lifestyle choices.
This indicates that there are already healing instincts
in the body that work when we make right choices. These
choices can include faith, prayer, and also medical treatment.
If I get a severe cut, I can choose to have a doctor
stitch it, but my body must heal the wound.

Several years ago, the retina in my right eye detached,
and I went blind in my right eye. When this happened,
I prayed for healing; I also went immediately to a retina
specialist who reattached it! After the retina is reattached,
a gas bubble holds it in place for ninety days. I asked my
doctor the day after surgery if it worked. He said, “Ask
your boss,” speaking of God! He had put it together, but
only God could complete the healing.
Also, John adds “as your soul prospers.” The word soul
comes from the Greek word psuche. This word is also
often translated as “mind.” This helps us to understand
that our health and healing flow from right thinking and
right choices. It is important to pray but also important to
choose to live healthy.

The goal of this book is to build faith so that you can
appreciate God’s gift of healing purchased by the blood of
Christ, whatever form that healing might take.
A second goal is to celebrate the preciousness of life
that is given to us by God. There is a mystery surrounding
those who are challenged in body by injury or disease,
that in spite of everything we do they remain in that condition.
Yet these are some of the most faithful and productive

For all that we understand about physical healing, we
know it is temporary. We live in a body that is the last
remnant of Adam’s fall. Paul called our bodies “ . . . the
body of this death” (Rom. 7:24, nas). All earthly healing
is temporary, and ultimate healing will happen for us all
at the resurrection.

I’m reminded of a scene from the classic film The Robe.
Marcellus, the chief centurion present at the crucifixion of
Jesus (who won the titular robe in the casting of the lots,
and who, incidentally has been tormented with nightmares
and guilt ever since), is tracking down Christians
to create a list of followers when he encounters a crippled
woman named Miriam. This beautiful woman is the picture
of peace, joy, and hope. Marcellus ridicules her by
pointing out that though she claims Christ could work
miracles, He left her as He found her. She explains to
Marcellus that Jesus could have healed her body, and then
“it would have been natural for me to laugh and sing; and
then I came to understand that He had done something
even better for me . . . . He left me as I am so that all others
like me might know that their misfortune needn’t deprive
them of happiness within His kingdom.”1
The joyful truth, however, is that physical healing is
possible in this life. With that in mind, it is my desire to
explore every possible way to activate healing in our lives.
This book will examine every avenue that leads to healing
and health. As I send this study forth, I do so humbly as
one still seeking to know the mind and will of our Lord
Jesus Christ.

There is healing at the fountain,
Come and find it, weary soul,
There your sins may all be covered;
Jesus waits to make you whole.
There is healing at the fountain,
Look to Jesus now and live,
At the cross lay down thy burden;
All thy wanderings He’ll forgive.
There is healing at the fountain,
Precious fountain filled with blood;
Come, oh come, the Savior calls you,
Come and plunge beneath its flood.
Oh the fountain!
Blessed healing fountain!
I am glad ’tis flowing free;
Oh the fountain!
Precious, cleansing fountain!
Praise the Lord, it cleanseth me.

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